Sunday, May 6, 2012

Theres going to be a Feast!

I am kind of sad tonight.  I don't know why.  No special reason.  Just melancholy.  I have so much to be thankful for.  Oh we have our problems like most but that is not the reason.  I think of the people that are suffering and the damage sin causes in the lives of people.  But that is when we turn to God in praise and worship for sending Jesus to make all things right.

We are to walk in holiness because of His righteousness He has given to us on the cross.  It is ours in every way.

I see myself dancing before the Lord in praise and worship.  Glory to God in the highest. My imagination of heaven is breath taking.  All the angels, saints, Christ in His righteousness and the Father God on the throne in all His glory.  What a beautiful picture.  Brighter than the sun more sparkle than a diamond.  Joyous singing and worshiping.  We all are joining together as the Bride of Christ.  There will be a grand feast for the wedding.  It will be breath taking.  All Gods creation will take part.  The sons and daughters of the Father all indwelled by the Spirit.

There they will be no more tears.  No thought of sin and the damage it has caused in peoples lives.  Only the redemption of our Lord.  We will spend eternity knowing Him and growing in relationship with our Savior.  What a magnificent time it will be.  We will all be united together and One with the Trinity.  There will be nothing lacking.  Nothing that is not holy and righteous and pure because of Christ.