Monday, May 7, 2012

Heart of Pride

You can have dirt on your face and everyone can see it but you.  That is how pride can be.  Your heart can be full of pride and you not even know it.  Others can see it but you can't.  It alters everything you say and do.  You do not know it until the Spirit comes in and convicts you.  That is what happened to me this morning.  I am broken over it.

I have a contrite heart today and one full of joy.  That is why Christ came to forgive and to make right our prideful hearts.  I am restored and so thankful I am right again with my Lord and the world.  I have eyes to see and ears to heart the beauty of Christ and others.

A repentant heart brings about joy and peace and abundant life.  Doing penitence goes to feeling sorry for yourself and being beaten up.  A repentant heart has life.  A unrepentant heart has no life, no joy, no peace.  Ad repentant heart rest in the finished work of Christ and the love of the Fathers arms.  There is no rest for the unrepentant  heart.