Saturday, May 26, 2012

Deep Ache

Last night I was sitting on my porch.  It was moon lit and quiet but the critters of the farm.  Family was gone and friends were busy.  My heart and mind was quiet.  I noticed a deep ache and loneliness in my heart.  I knew it was the loneliness that only God could fill.  It is a gift from God to me to know when I need to draw away and just be with Him.  I can walk with Him and pray without ceasing but it is different than quiet communion and fellowship just me and God alone in His presence.  Listening for a still small voice in my heart.  Whispering to my soul reassurance and love like none other can provide.

Soon I said simple prayers like fill me Lord.  Give me your peace.  Then I confessed how I had filled my heart with idols, without realizing it, to try to fill the void. I shared my burdens one by one.   My heart turned to thanksgiving for all God had given me and who He is.  Worship flowed from my fulfilled heart. Once again the beauty of His presence was enveloping me.  I was at peace and rest and renewed in my Savior and Fathers arms by Their Spirit.  I felt complete and loved.  The more sensitive I am to the Spirit the more I search and am drawn into Gods presence.