Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Wedding Party

There were times I was so sick and on so much medicine I couldn't get out of bed.  I would call my friends to come pray with me and walk.  I would drag myself over to the gymn even when I got better.  A friend coached me just to get me moving.

This week I have worked like I use to before I got sick.  I volunteered two days and loved doing it.  Then I worked in my house for a dear friends wedding party.  It has been just joy getting ready and planning.  I anticipate the fun we will have and the joy it will bring her.  I could not have done it without this anticipation and without God.

I thought this is just a taste of how He feels getting ready for our wedding feast we will have with Him and the body of Christ when we all gather in heaven.  What a wonderful time it will be and what joy we will share.  There will be great things He will do and show us.  Can you imagine?  Can you wait?