Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Purpose for Living

A friend told me once I don't know the purpose of this life.  What is my reason for being here.

The little book Jesus lives explains that we have value because of Gods love for us.  Long before we sought God, He had designs on us for glorious living.  She says that Gods overall purpose embraces and enfold us.  Helping us to understand who we are and accepting ourselves.  In God we live and move and have being.  Even before the creation God gave us purpose.  To be the focus of His love.  For holy living and to be made whole.  His love completes us.  With His loving presence we become aware of His purposes for our lives.

 Although we are not valued because of our work He has predestined things for us to accomplish before time.  Don't let Satan discourage you or question your motives.  Your heart tells you of your calling.  Delight in God as you do these works with confidence that God has called you.

John Piper says God is most glorified in us when we most enjoy Him. No Matter what our circumstances. Our calling is to delight in Him and His presence and give Him glory.