About Me

Desperate Delight is born out of my desire to help support and educate those with a mental disorder, and for those who know them. Approximately fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with mental illness. There are those who wonder how I can be so open and honest about my diagnosis of Skitzo-effective knowing mental disorder often instills a strong stigma among those who are uneducated about the illness.
It is believed by some that mental disorders are found in the poor or homeless. That it is caused by sin, lack of character, or education. There is really nothing further from the truth than this presumption. One in four people do, or will suffer from a mental disorder. Mental disorders range from ADD and depression, to Skitzophrenia and bi-polar. Mental illness is no respecter of persons. It can happen to anyone in any walk of life at any age.
In days to come I will share with you how God has faithfully walked with me through many difficult challenges and wonderful victories. How my faith has played a part in my treatment and illness in both remissions and relapses. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. If you find something here that might help others, please share the “Desperate Delight” blog location with them.

Anything you see, hear or read here is all for the glory of God.