Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lent, See you soon, Easter.

Hey friends you guys are so faithful to come to read in hopes of learning more about God.  I consider it an honor to write here for His glory.

I wanted you to know I am in the midst of Lent.  One of the things I have given up during this time is blogging.

I don't know if I will return here yet or to a new website.  I am seeking help with this and the Spirits direction.

Lent is our awareness of how little we are in control.  That God is truly sovereign.

Also I was aware that there were things that had captured my heart away from my family and my God.  I loved other things more than I should... lets say. Even good things like our marriage, our husbands, children and jobs and ministry can be an idol for us.  We go to them to give us what only Jesus can.  Such as significance, worth, comfort, love and acceptance.  We are afraid of rejection and pain.

 I have surrendered these things to God in hopes of giving Him more of my heart.  In turn inviting my family into closer and more personal relationships with me and Him.  Sometimes there is a lot of pain in giving these idols of our hearts up.  The christian world calls it dying to self.  It is self denial.

In hopes that Christ will be center of our lives is our goal.  Worship!  That we will seek His will not ours.  It is a surrendering to God, all that I have and all that I am.  Only when Jesus is the most important thing to me can I love another person selflessly.  The stakes are high and the demands on us is total surrender. His surrender.  It is identifying with Jesus on the cross.  He gave it all up for you and me.  This is not just Lent.  But a life we continually learn to live through suffering ultimately.

Can't wait to get on with what He has for us.  But now I am feasting at His table and loving it.  Things can be hard in our lives.  The peace and contentment and joy that is in the Lord is unconditional to me.  It comes in trusting in Christ alone.  It comes through repentance and faith. Then I am able to surrender the things that has my heart.

Our conscious are troubled if we are in rebellion to God.  Our conscious are bothered if we are in disobedience to God.  Until we confess and He brings us to repentance.  Just as I am now over writing this blog.  I have already posted in ways I cannot change.  So I am asking Him to use it and to show me more of my wayward heart to the things of this world.  Even the good things.

When we are convicted in our hearts and confess.  We ask Him to bring us to repentance.  To reconciliation with Him and others.  Our sin, turning to ourselves instead of God, keeps us from drawing near to Him.  Repentance is Him drawing us back and our response to turn to Him once again.  It is a life of dying and living.

A repentant, struggling sinner is always welcome at the table.

We settle for crumbs many times and not the elaborate banquet celebration diner, that He has set before us. With other dignified and honors guest. Sinners saved by grace. Just like me. Saints shinning with His glory, that is so bright.  It is beyond us to behold the glow. His glory is breath taking and the presence of the Spirit is all beautiful. We are enveloped in a love.  It is divine and magnificent and eternal. The places are set. The feast is being served. All we have to do is eat.  The goodness of our Lord and what He has prepared for us in this life and after. It is a fulfillment, a sustaining satisfaction.  Nothing of this world can fathom or deliver.
Blessings friends. Pray for me please as I am on the journey with Christ. My prayers go with you all. That we love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. And our neighbor, including our enemies ,as ourselves.  That we acknowledge Him as Lord with out lips and how we live.  So others will see our lives and worship HIm.