Monday, September 19, 2016

Enjoy the gift...Worship the Giver

It seems to me the world is searching for their identity.  I read the number one problem in the life of the Christian is they do not know who they are.  I also have read repeatedly that the main problem in the life of the mental ill is they do not feel they have any value.

Daily on social media people brag or boast about who they are, what they have, what they have done.  All looking for significance, worth and value from their new born baby, marriage, most beautiful, new job, home, and on and on we cling to any and everything to feel good about ourselves.

I remember finding value in that I was the wife of a winning coach or beautiful and intelligent and talented children.  My family was my identity.  How many of us brag on our awards, our promotions, or the next book written.

I once heard it said the alcoholic knows he is an alcoholic when you take his drink away.  We will know if we struggle with our identity when it is taken away.

We are told that we have value and worth because of the blood of Jesus.  That we are new creations in Christ.  No one is justified by the works of the law but because of faith in  Christ and what He has done for us.  His love for us is what should make our hearts sing and dance with joy.  It is the only thing that cannot be taken away.  Gods love for us.

I beg you to not cling to your successes or your failures.  Your sins are remembered no more.  When the Father looks at you He sees the lasting, beautiful, holiness and righteousness of Christ.  You please the Father by trusting in His Son.  It is that faith in Jesus that pleases Him.  It is there you will find peace of mind and value and worth.  It is there you see your purpose is to glorify Jesus in a life of trusting in Him alone.

It is not I who live but Christ who lives in me.  I boast in Christ and Him crucified.
Learning to glorify God through His gifts and enjoy Him... not find my identity in them or our accomplishments or lack of importance in our defeat has been the difference in peace and joy.  I love  my family but they do not determine my worth.  They are much more valuable that anything they could possibly do.  They are mine.  I love them and think they are wonderful no matter what.

My husband was a national championship coach and today he is a cattle farmer.  I love him more each and everyday. I am in awe of his accomplishments but more amazed in the wonderful person he is to  me by how much more there is to this man that I never knew.   My children become more beautiful in themselves and their gifts.  They are my best friends.  I adore them and am so very blessed.  They have taught me what real love is and who Jesus is more each and every day.

I may struggle but I enjoy my life and my friends and family more than I ever thought possible.  I know who I am and who they are.  Seeing the beauty and wonder of God in who we are is so much greater than holding on to what we do or have to feel important about ourselves.  It is the most unstable thing we can do.

When we start to live out of who we are instead of what we do or have life is so much more depth than we can ever imagine.  God brings surprises and joy and miracles we never imagined. Gods love and acceptance and security gives you a boldness to see others and life in ways you have never seen before.  It is the world through Jesus.  It is spectacular in every breath of His creation.  We can never find identity apart from our creator with the lasting joy and peace and assurance found in Him.  It is a gift unfolded.

When it is no longer about you or for you, it is in His power and for His glory.  It is a life full of love for others in a way you thought you never could.  Your selfishness begins to fade and Jesus life begins to be lived through you.  It is Him others see and what wonders He does as you find your identity in Him.

You might say I am learning to see the world and others through the eyes of Christ.  It spreads a sparkling rest.

The saying at our house has always been love you will or lose, I cannot love you more.  Be sure and enjoy God no matter what you do.

Friday, September 9, 2016

His Perfect Time

He never ran out of answers or patience in my questions or thoughts or doubts.  I Never grew tired of just being with Him and being loved by Him.  I grew stronger but weakness is where my strength would grow.  It was in not being able to live the good life turned me to the one who delighted to give the good life to me.

Living the life of love was impossible until I saw my need for the one who would give the love to me.

Living  a good life alone.

I became a christian at a very young age and was a good girl people would say.  I knew the rules.  I obeyed my parents.  I was good in school and everyone liked me and I liked them.

Life continued until I was married.  Had children and I tried to keep up the good life.  It never occurred to me I was trying to live life apart from God.  All on my own.

Time hit me when I became sick mentally that I was insecure about all my decisions.  I ask God about everything.  Big and small.  I ask Him for strength.  Direction.  Change of heart.  I became aware I could do nothing on my own.

I had raised my children and been the best wife I could all alone.  I didn't know what it was to repent of my sin and ask for love and the power to do Gods will.  I thought HIs will was my will.  I had not idea that His plans were not as I had envisioned.

Now my prayers are more not my will but your will Lord.  God can give a heart of love when there is no love at all.  He is the power and strength to give the heart of a loving Father.

The other day I had a disagreement with a friend.  I was surprised at the condition of my heart.  I was shocked.  My prayer immediately changed to give me a loving heart.  A heart of Jesus.  God is in the heart changing business.  Living our life apart from Him is impossible.  We can do nothing apart from Him.

Only God does what we cannot do.  He chances hearts to be like His.  To love and surrender and obey when we can't.  He is the change maker.  He reconciles and redeems in ways we cannot possibly do.

It is a partnership.  A relationship.  A love of God.  His surrender and His strength and His grace to make it day by day.  It is HIs wisdom and His direction.  His peace and joy that gives us a contented life when we trust Him throughout the day and night.  As we lay down our desires and wills for His life takes on beauty and love that we never imagined.  It is not easy to give up our desires especially when it seem like it is the thing we thing should be happening.  But as we lay down day by day our desires and seek the humble life of Jesus we see a new way to freedom that we never knew.  Serving God and others becomes our joy.    He who loses HIs life for Christ sake finds it.

Life and the world becomes hope in Jesus as never before.  It feeds you to do the will of the Father.  It gives you strength and life.  Being taught by HIs word by the Spirit and worship in all you do becomes a new way of life.  You love people as you never did before.  You give up your right to be right.  You see the beauty in others and bring out a life in them they never knew.   It is a new way of living of life in peace and harmony.  Even working out the hard things in life become an anticipation and expectancy of life and what surprise God might bring next through this new faith and trust you have in Him and His Son and Spirit.

How could I ever think I could live this christian life apart from His Spirit, Son and Father.  The thing I never considered is He never left my side, Never!  Although I felt sad and lonely at time He was was always near.  He was always there drawing me into His presence, waiting, and loving me more and more than I thought, felt or knew.  He changed my doubts to cuddles of assurance of His love for me.  For even the difficult times in my life in abundance... IN HIS perfect time and purpose.