Wednesday, May 16, 2012


While I was in AA for a year I learned some important lessons from these humble people.  Most of the old timers began their day on their knees praying thy kingdom come thy will be done.  The importance of surrendering daily was taught to me.  When you struggle one thing you cannot afford is not to have peace.  That comes from accepting and trusting in brokenness the one who all things are sifted through His fingers of love.  That you are not in control really God is.

Lord I surrender this day and all that I am to you.  You are my God and I am your child.  I trust you with my life.  Your will for mine.  I know you know what is best for me and for your glory.  Thank you for the peace that passeth all understanding when I am surrendered to your will.

Lord if there are things I cannot surrender to you I ask you work in my heart to make me willing.  The more you learn to surrender the easier it becomes to trust your Heavenly Father.