Thursday, May 24, 2012


Several years ago I broke my wrist in three places.  I went to the doctor and he set it and put a cast on it.  It took it longer than usual to heal but it did heal.  There are times now though it will ache.

It is a different kind of wound but the majority of us have had a wounded heart.  Nothing will help but going to the Great Physician.  Only He can mend a broken heart.  It too takes time and may ache for a long time to come but He does promise healing.  His love is the medicine that must be applied over and over.

It may take others praying over you and even helping you cut into the infected heart.  It can be extremely painful.  The lancing of the heart brings poison to the surface that may have aded in addictions, trouble relationships, dysfunctions from work to how you are able to enjoy God and others.  It is not an excuse for these things but it is to understand the root of where they may stem from.

God does not condemn but He does want complete healing for us and the ones we know and love.  It is a promise.  He wants redemption for us.  Only He can make things right.  God draws near to the broken and contrite heart.  He is drawing you near to Him for a miracle.  He wants to heal you so you can love in the best possible way.