Sunday, May 20, 2012

By Her Side

Have you watched someone you love dearly suffer.  I mean they have hit bottom and you thought it could get no worse for them.   I have someone in my life right now like this.  My daughter.  At her daughters birth she had twins and lost one.  Her body went through some great changes and she ended up taking ambein to try to sleep.  It was a long slow process and we were too far to realize what was happening and uneducated but she got addicted to the sleeping aid.  Years later we found out she was bi-polar.  She and her family stayed with us off and on over they years trying to get her well from her self medicating herself.  She was doing the best she could but just could not lick the addiction.

Since then she struggled with the consequences despite all the help we could give her.  She now is fighting for the best for her children and is in a divorce.  We are doing all we can to help but mostly she is doing this on her own.  We can only do so much.   She is finding out dependence on God and the strength He is giving her.  She is a recovering addict who is licking the addiction and living to pass on what she knows and learned to others.  She is an amazing woman.   God has been by her side all the time through it all.  She is on just the right amount of medication with excellent help from a professional who is very wise.

She read to me from another recovering addict that sometimes we have to go where we have been to be who we are suppose to be.  I think this is true of my daughter and of me.  Gods grace is all over her.  She will have her own amazing story to tell for Gods glory.  She finally knows who she is and likes herself.

Would you please pray for her and her children.  They are precious and we love them dearly.  It is just so very hard for them all.  Thank you so much and may God bless you each and every one.  If my husband and I could have taken this on ourselves instead of her and her children we would have.  You know I think that is how the Father felt.  But only Jesus could suffer for us on our behalf.  What pain the Father must have felt seeing His only Son going through such suffering for us.  What love has been bestowed upon us by them both.