Monday, May 28, 2012

Honor and Remember

One of my most favorite times with my dad before he died was talking to him about serving our country.  He did everything from jumping out of airplanes to working in the soup kitchen.  He talk about that time with joy, pain and thankfulness to have had the experience of serving his country.

Desperate Delight and Whispers want to take this time to honor and remember those who serve and have  served our country for our freedom.  May we never forget them nor take them for granted.  Lets remember those who have lost loved ones.  Their families and loved ones.  I want to pray for those who return to our country.  May their lives prosper and be complete as they pick up life here again.  May they have favor with man and I know with God.

To me wars are a picture of the spiritual battle we are in with evil.  God has defeated Satan at the cross.  The victory has been won for us.  To have intimate relationship and respect with God Almighty. May we live in that freedom and love of our God.  Who sent His one and only Son that the oppressed and captives maybe set free.  I pray we are thankful for all our freedom and those who fought to make it possible.  Thank you soldiers.  Thank you Jesus.  Our hearts overflow with gratitude  and remembrance of you.