Sunday, April 29, 2012

Taste Your Goodness

Prepare my heart, Oh Lord, for worship.  During the night my heart grows cold.  Things of this world occupy my mind and steal my heart away from communion with you.    I humbly ask you now to draw me back.  Give me the riches of your presence.  Renewal and Refreshment that only can come from drinking in your presence.

We go to corporate worship, with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  You say when two or more are gathered there you will be also.  Meet us there dear God.  Draw us as the simplest of things distract me.  Focus my senses on you.  Let me taste of your goodness.

I lift my hands to you now.  For you to shower down your goodness on me your child.  I am yearning for you as a newborn yearns for his mother.  Your comfort is about me.  Communion is mine once again.