Thursday, April 26, 2012

Your Glory Father

Lord you just don't let me get very far or go very long without wooing me into your presence, alone, once again.  There are so many distractions of this world Father.  I think of you, Jesus and Spirit all through out my day but sometimes I don not sit alone listening for your heart to impart to mine.  Basking in your presence, drenching myself in your love.  Makes me see you more clearly.  Love you more dearly.

You know I do not love as you love.  You know my sin and my weakness.  But you grow me and stretch me to love you more.  To love better.  How deep.  How wide is your loved for me.  Oh that I could begin to fathom its vastness and wonder.

Oh to be like Moses to have you pass before me that I might see your glory.  Show me your glory Father in this day, in the people I am with and the circumstances I encounter.  You can be glorified in the smallest chore to the greatest ministry.  Use me Father.  Shows us more of who you really are and your love for us.