Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Symphony Begins

This morning I sat on my screened porch and watched the wonder take place.  And the symphony
began.  As Gods mere thought awakens the day.  The birds began to sing.  Light began to shine behind the clouded day.  A gentle breeze brushed across my face as the leaves on the trees began to clap.

Right before my eyes I knew I was on his mind.  As He was on my mind.  As I pondered what He might be thinking for my day I remember how he is never changing.  His faithfulness never changes.  His character never changes.  His presence with me never changes.  His love for me never will change.  Even though this day and my relationships and circumstances will change.  He stands like a strong tower.

Excitement fills me as I think of what He might have in store for my day.  I know He will reveal Himself to me in someway.  Through someone.  Through some circumstance.  I cannot wait to encounter Him and His mighty power.  My plan is to look for Him all around me.  As He goes before me, close behind me and His Spirit lives in and through me.  What oneness He has brought me into for ever more.