Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Promise

Something happened this afternoon.  Before I knew it I found myself angry at God.  It shocked me.  It took me by surprise.  "Oh Lord, forgive me," I prayed.

Then I remembered the promise.  I said, "Lord remember the promise".  Remember you said because of your Son's death on the cross for my sins you would forgive me.  You would intercede for me Jesus.  I cried out for mercy and grace.  Once again, "Lord remember your promise to forgive me because of Jesus".

God destroyed all the earth by water but Noah, his family and the animals God told him to take on the ark.  When the dove few to the branch because the water was letting down.  God said I promise never to destroy the earth again by water.  I give the rainbow as a sign that I will keep my promise.

I went outside as I remembered and this is what I saw.  Double rainbows.  It was as if God was telling me my child you are forgiven.  I remember my promise to you and to Abraham and to Noah.

All I could do was run for my camera and take pictures and worship.  To the God of Abraham.  The King of King and Lord of Lords I worship you.  I thought I am like Peter who denied you three times.  Then you ask Peter 3 times.  Peter do you love me.  He said yes Lord three times  I love you.  I had denied God but yet He had forgiven me as He had Peter.  He could use my brokenness and my repentance for His glory.  To all of heaven I lifted His name higher.  I was in awe of God and His promise to me on this day.  And the sign He had given me.