Monday, September 30, 2013

Longing for Perfection

 "And above all these things, have love, which is a bond of the perfection." (Colossians 3:14)

Our hearts are always longing for something more. We seek perfection everywhere. In our lives, and in the people and circumstances that surround us. We think: We surely can do better. When I do that, I feel better about myself for a little while. Till the next defeat or failure.

When the house is quiet, and it is as if I am all alone, the Spirit whispers to my heart that I need change. I begin to think of the things I want to change in my life. You know, trying to get the outside of the cup clean. But the heart is where Gods looks. It determines everything else.

As I spent time thinking what this might look like, I was impressed that God the Father wanted me to know more of His love for me, and more of His unconditional favor. More of the grace He has lavished on me. The waterfall of blessing. He not only wanted me to receive His love, but to watch my love abound. I have times alone with Him. Meditating on who He is, and who I am to Him.

In an in-depth Bible study in Ephesians, the Word of God fed my very soul and mind. I grew in loving trust and dependence on the Father who wants to wrap me in His arms. There was change. Faith was growing deeper. I was broken and humbled over His amazing delight in just being with me.

Oh, to be whole in a world with no sin, no suffering or tears, worshiping the King of the Universe. Enjoying and delighting in His ever magnificent presence. Just the thought of this takes my breath away. It takes me beyond my own imagination. It takes me to a place of such contentment. Such joy. To think I will exist in His radiant glory forever.

I envision angels singing glory to God, and all of creation bowing down to Jesus as Lord. The radiance of God's glory bringing light to a darkened world, and life that could not be fathomed. His majestic beauty. There we are at peace, existing with Him and in Him. Father, Son, and Spirit. Perfect unity. His Bride united to Him for all eternity and forevermore with Him. Clothed in His righteousness. Her for whom Christ died, that she might be joined in love relationship and live out eternity with Him. My heart sings with contentment and worship: To God be the Glory and honor forevermore!

Jesus is our "more." These desires are only pointing to our deep, heart-longing for God and for heaven. There is so much more here with HIM than we have realized, but then completely when we meet Him face to face. It is a place to be longed for as Paul did, but remaining content as we are, here and now. Trusting all things to His marvelous plan.

Thank you, Father, that we do long for heaven. We long for You, God. We are thankful for the taste of heaven now in the fullness of life in Your presence. Our desires for perfection point us to Heaven and to You: The only true place of contentment, peace, joy, and rest.