Friday, September 27, 2013

Sharing a devotion from Whispers of God: 

A Greater Glory

"For there is a time and a way for everything, although man's trouble lies heavy on him." (Ecclesiastes 8:6)

Do you ever fight time, trying to do something or get somewhere, only to find that your stress wasn't necessary? Others don't have their part of the project ready, or the person or appointment or purchase you were rushing to make has been delayed. I have. Just this week ...

Amazingly, Jesus never rushed. Thronging people-traffic didn't make Him raise His voice, push others aside, or clench His fist. In fact, He was so keenly sensitive to individuals in the crowd, He once stopped and asked His disciples, "Who touched Me?"

Can you imagine Jesus' heart, on hearing about His beloved cousin, John the Baptist--the "greatest man born of women"--wasting away in prison, being troubled by doubts? He must have longed to go to him. Yet, in the Father's perfect timing, John would not see His face. Only Jesus' words sent to him would serve as the comfort needed to face his martyrdom.

And then when Jesus' intimate friend, Lazarus, lay deathly ill, because He wanted to follow His Father's timing, Jesus delayed going to his bedside. Mary and Martha feeling shocked that the One who had cleansed lepers, and fashioned spit moistened clay into eyes for a blind man, did not hurry to them. But the Father's timing was working towards a greater story--a greater glory.

Dear Whispers Friend, if you are rushing through life, beaten up by deadlines, crushed by the crowds, or feeling that Jesus isn't going to come through in time to belay the pain or disease or even death, remember that your Heavenly Father is the One who has said that He does all things well. You can still trust His Warrior heart for you. He is still your "He Touched me" in the busy crowd. His timing delay does not mean your faith is betrayed. It means your Father has a greater story, and a greater glory planned for His beloved child--you.

     -- martha langley