Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sacrifice of Praise

This writing I am doing is kinda gut wrenching for me.  I am facing and dealing with some things I have not ever deal with or not appropriately.  It has been draining.  I am not hopeless over my circumstances of the past never the lest I do grieve over my mistakes. I know Christ is the answer, His love and forgiveness and hope for tomorrow.  Also Danny and I have this virus that is draining up from head to toe with cough and congestion.

I have decided to take a break today and hopefully pick up the story again tomorrow.  Hope in the meantime this one gives you the gospel and helps you see the relentless love God has for you and me

Sacrifice of Praise

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.

Right now, in this very moment, what are you thinking about?  What consumes your mind and heart most of the time?  Chances are it is what is the most important thing to you in your life.

God wants our heart. Our whole heart. What is holding your heart captive He wants to rescue you from unto Himself. He wants to know, that you love Him more than anything. He may give you something for a season for you to love more than anything you have ever loved before and then say, "who do you chose"? Them or me" My children were this for me. I lost my first child and then when the others came I held on to them so very tight.  I have had to trust God with their pain and each one of them.  But first I had to deal with how I wanted to please my husband more than God.  I thought if I had his approval, time and attention it would make my life worth living and make me happy.  That, my friend is an idol.  Only God can do that for us.

 God made a promise to Abraham that he and Sarah would have a son. It was way beyond Sarahs child bearing years or their wildest imagination. Many years past and no child.  They began to doubt God would actually keep His promise to them so they took things in their own hands. They decided Abraham would have a child by their slave woman. It was not Gods promise. But ultimately God gave Abraham Issac, his son, Gods grace and mercy to Abraham, only then to tell him to sacrifice him on an alter as an offering to God, Himself. Abraham told Sarah he would return.  They started up the mountain.  Issac ask his father, father where are we going.  Abraham, with anguish I cannot imagine said, to offer a sacrifice to God son.  Issac said father where is the sacrifice.  Abraham told Issac, God will provide.  Abraham, built the alter of sticks and stones as you can imagine. He told Issac to lay there on the alter. Abraham knew He had heard from the voice of heaven without a doubt. So he took the knife and was preparing to kill Issac. Some say Abraham thought God would raise Issac from the dead. When he drew back the knife, ready to kill his son, a lamb appeared out from behind the bushes. God had provided the sacrifice. He told Abraham to stop, that He had provided a sacrifice, the lamb. God knew when Abraham had put Issac on the alter, a sacrifice to God,  Issac, the gift God had given to Abraham ,  that Abraham loved more than anything, God let Abraham know,  that Abraham now loved God more than anything in this world. When Abraham was willing to sacrifice Issac to God, God knew Abraham love Him more.

God is calling us to put the thing or person, in this world, that we love more than anything,  to sacrifice to  Him. When we give this thing up to God, He gives us what our hearts truly desire.

Abraham was willing to sacrifice Issac and God told Abraham he would have more children than the stars in the sky. Abraham believed Him. God kept His promise. You and I are the children, decedents, if you will of Abraham, Children of faith. The lamb was to point to Jesus. The perfect sacrifice that God would provide for you and me. Now God is asking us will you take the thing or person you treasure the most, you love more than anything in this world and give them to me. This may mean a lover that we will never see again, or a husband who is not loving us as we thing he should and we choose to trust God and love this husband unconditionally. It maybe a rebellious teenager who is in to sex and drugs. Are we willing to give them up and trust God will them. It maybe a degree, a job, a home. Whatever is the most important thing in your life God wants it because it has you. He will be persistent and relentless until you place this thing or person in His hands and you say Lord, not my will but your will be done Lord. God has deliberately put this person or thing in your life for you to love and then to say Lord I love you more.  Here it is.  I trust you.  I love this person but right now, this minute, I want you to know, I love you more.