Sunday, March 25, 2012

Somewhere Special

Do you have a special place?  One where you can meditate and be alone with God?   Sit with a friend?  I like to create special places for myself and others.  I like this one especially.  The chairs I have had for many years.  The table came from a junk store, cheap.  The large glass globe was a gift.  Also the lantern was a gift we got at a great end of the summer sale last year.  A friend of mind but a strain of Christmas lights in it by some floral wire.  The other flaming pot is the only thing new.  I found it at a bargain store.  The other globes I have collected over the years.

Use your imagination.  Look in magazines or other peoples special places for ideas.  I also have a water fountain that was an end of the summer sale years ago,  I love.  And chimes that were a gift.  It is so tranquil.  I will pray for you tonight to have a place you can go and just be.  God especially meets me there as I retreat there throughout my day.  Especially in the evenings.   It is a place of rest.