Friday, March 30, 2012

Live Like You are Dyeing

Have you ever had a test come back negative?  Had a bad symptom.  Got some really bad news.

We are not promised but this very moment.  Wonder what we would choose to do.  How we would spend our last hour.  If we got the news we were dyeing. Would we take risk.  How would we enjoy our lives and others...

I wonder, 'How would we spend our money'.  How would we spend our time?  How would our relationships be with others and with God.  How we would minister to the poor and broken hearted?  Those with a contrite Spirit. Would we minister and reach out beyond our friends?  Or would we stay in our holy circles?

Jesus said if you have reached and invited all your friends you have invited the wrong people to your home.  May we have a passion for the lost.  May we Live Like We are Dyeing.