Friday, March 9, 2012

Loneliness is Gone!

My doctor said I could not lower my medications right now.  Did you pray for me?  I was able to get my mind off of me and on to other things.  Listening to a sermon on the web helped.  Then I just got busy cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes, getting dressed.  It is very hard to do this when you are extremely clinically depressed.  But there are many times we can take a walk, do a hobby, or get busy in any other way and not focusing ourselves.  I did pray as I wrote you, Father let my thoughts be on you and your love for me.
The loneliness is gone.  I have gotten some much needed sleep.  It was a hard week with stressors and the death of my dad.  Realizing I am focused on not getting something I want makes me look to my circumstances.  Another good way to rise above circumstances is to worship!  The joy of my Lord has returned.  A song in my heart.  A skip in my step.  A thankful mindset.  A rest within my soul.
Praying for you dear friends...