Thursday, March 15, 2012

Light of the world

Have you ever wondered what it meant to be light of the world?  I think of when I have depression and someone gives me hope.  It is like a dark world with a tiny light in the midst of it.  Then you see joy.  evidence of the presence of the Spirit.

When A world is in turmoil.   There is total confusion.  People are biting and devouring each other.  Then there is peace.  Out of no where there is patience.  That is the Spirit working to bring light.

There maybe total desperation.  The feeling maybe you are or someone is drowning.  They are overwhelmed with circumstances.  With life.  Then someone comes along and tells them Jesus and the Father and the Spirit loves you.

Hope, joy, peace, patience, love.  When we have the fruits of the Spirit we are light into this darkened world.  The Spirit is alive in our hearts as a tiny light in a darkened room.