Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trophies of Grace

Can you imagine before time God sat down with Jesus. The conversation may have gone something like this, I would imagine. Jesus I have been thinking. I want a family. I want you to have a bride. I have chosen these people I want to give to you. I have been thinking about how to best go about this.

 I want them to know me Jesus. I want you to go show them who I am.  I want them to know my mercy and grace and love and justice. T
he best way to accomplish this, I think, is for them to need my mercy and grace. How else will they know what forgiveness and my unconditional love is for them. They will be sinners. They will need a Savior. I want you to go get them Jesus. I want you to become one of them. We will rescue and save them from evil and themselves. They are going to be enslaved as real as if the bars were in front of them and the chains were on their wrist and feet. They will need a new heart.  A new way of thinking.  They will have to be reborn. Our Spirit will dwell in them. 

  We will bring them into our intimate relationship.  They will be created in our own image.  You will live and breath and move in and through them Jesus.  Our love for each other must be shared.  It will change eternity for us Jesus.  Once brought in they will be with us forever.  They will be our delight.  They will be our trophies of Grace.  We will sing and party and dance.  And work and create and fellowship like they have never known.  We're going to have to teach them how to love and how to live free.  Our Spirit will do that.  You go show them Jesus and then leave them our Spirit.

It is going to be the hardest thing we have ever endured Jesus. We will have to be separated for a time. You will suffer for every sin they will ever commit. Every suffering they experience. You will feel the rejection from me and them. You will be all alone. We have never been separated. You have always been in my heart. We will do this for our glory and the joy it will bring us Son. You gotta trust me on this one Jesus. And here is how I want it done.