Monday, October 15, 2012

The Gospel of Grace Changes Us

The Gospel of Grace Changes Us...

The gospel makes the strong weak...and the weak strong in faith and trust and dependence on Him not in themselves. The gospel changes you. THe gospel breaks down the walls of self protection. It makes you the very best you can be. If you are introverted you begin to seek people out to love, you know where to go with your fears. You speak into others hearts. If yo
u are extraverted you listen more, learn to be still and love selflessly.
Both learn To be bold in Jesus and the Fathers love for others and the message of grace. We learn to be honest about our needs, weaknesses and failures and love each other even more intimately.
You lose yourself because you know you are valued and loved. Suddenly you move into life with a new confidence and victory. You break out of the mold. You try new and exciting things. You learn to let God stretch you in areas you were too fearful to go. Even though you maybe saddened by the pain of others you have a new peace and joy that permeates your very soul. A trust In the Father and His care for you and the ones you love. Your conscience is clear. THere is no more shame and guilt because you know all your sin has been paid for. It no longer keeps you from God. You go to Him on the merits of grace.
No longer do you pay attention to the negative voices in your head. Your are confident in who you are and the love and promises that go with being a child of the King. You learn to listen to the Spirits voice. Jesus said His sheep know His voice. It maybe a still quiet voice or a gentle nudge go this way or that. It maybe through scripture, a song, even an unbeliever. All of His creation comes alive. You see in color and no more in black and white. Not right and wrong, but Spirit led, in truth and in love.
Prayer becomes more than a devotional. It is a way of life. Your heart breaks for the lost, the confused, the enslaved, the hurting, the broken hearted, the sick of body and Spirit. You notice Jesus really is living His life through you and loving others. The compassion grows and grows. A longing comes for community and relationships. The under achiever and the over achiever both learn what true rest is. Faith in Gods love and control. Over Christ finished work on the cross on his behalf. Gifts are recognized and used. You see the work that needs to be done. You seek His glory and love above all else. The fruit of the Spirit merges as the ocean comes to the shore.
A new power is in your life. The same power that raised Christ from the dead. Out with the old in with the new. You are being healed and made whole. Old truths have new meaning. Or He teaches you and trains you in the ways of love. These things don't happen over night. God is in control of that. All you need to do is to trust and love God. He will give you both. Then go and love others.