Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm Sad...

I didn't write yesterday. I just had no words to say. I was just sad.
You hear me talk about joy here lately a lot. You hear don't be negative. Be positive. If you know Jesus you have joy and peace.
Jesus was deeply troubled and sad in the garden, thinking of the cross that was before Him. The plan the Father had given Him before time. So much so He sweat blood. Can you imagine. Tears fill my eyes when I even contemplate this. He ask the disciples to keep watch. They couldn't even stay awake and their master was in the deepest pain He would ever be in His life until the reality of the cross was upon Him. On that cross He felt what sin had done in our lives even though He never sin. He felt the pain of humanity but yet He is God. He felt the loss of dreams, of families, the grief of death, the pain of physical suffering, the humiliation of abuse, the mental madness, the broken heart over love, addiction, the disappointment of failure, poverty. There is nothing that we can go through that He did not experience for every single one of His children.
We know Christ because we identify with His suffering. We know the power of His resurrection. This was my sadness. I was feeling the pain in my friends lives, my family, of those I don't even know but hear of their sufferings. I was grieving to the point of tears. Like the disciples I couldn't face it so I drifted off to sleep.
This morning I am feeling the same sadness but taking it to my Father. I am just sitting in His presence letting Him heal and love me. By His stripes we are healed. If we don't take our pain to our Father and our Lord it can run through our very soul. At the farm, we have had brush fires. My husband will start to burn a field and the wind will come out of no where. The flames will sweep through the bush faster than he can contain it. He calls in help. They beat it with wet towels until it is smothered out.
There have been many books written on the reasons for suffering. All I know is what scripture says. The same God who hung the moon and the stars. Who rises the sun. Who names the thousands of Galaxies. Is the same God who is so personal He calls you by name. He knows the number of hairs on your head. Who cares for the sparrow who falls from a tree. This same God has His purposes. No matter what your circumstances maybe telling you He is forever for you. His love is so beyond our comprehension. It is measured to the unmeasurable greatness of His power. He lives in you. His compassion is the same He had for His very own Son who is a part of Him. His Son is a part of you.  Let His love cover you as the wings of a mother bird cover her young. He forgets you not.