Friday, October 5, 2012

Love so amazing...

Are you paralyzed by the past? Stunned by the present? Fearful of the future?

Love so Amazing...

There is a love so amazing so divine. 
There is an unbreakable union between Christ and mine. 

My body is his dwelling place. 
He is the Faithful one in every case.

 He took up residence deep within me.
 I am a child of God, how can this be?

 His Son hung on a cross to set me free. 
His thoughts were of the Father and 
of me.

 He gave me the gift of Life for eternity.
More glory and grace than man can see.

He humbled Himself to come and serve.
To give me a life I don't deserve.

One of hope and love and peace and joy.
That no man, spirit or thing can destroy.

He is the one faithful and true.
He created me in His imagine and made me bran new.

 He chose me before the beginning of time.
That His love and inheritance would be mine.

Now this life I live by His faith.
He rescued me when I could not escape.

My heart will sing His praise forever more.
This life with Christ I have come to adore.

The Fathers love was poured out on me.
The day Jesus was crucified on calvary.

He love me from the beginning
When he set His eyes on me.

Jesus made the way to relationship with the Father.
For love and peace and tranquility there is no other.