Monday, October 1, 2012

Love Captures Me

What is this love, amazing grace so divine.  It captures my soul, my all.  Who is this King that calls us sons. Whose inheritance is mine.  Who gives me identify and worth and eternity with Him.   Who is this Father whose heart broke for me as He saw His Son on Calvary.  Whose plan was above what man can comprehend to share the love for His delight and mine. For justice and mercy to marry. Who sings and dances with me with a love that is more than this world can explain. Who is this Son that came to rescue me?  To set my heart ablaze and free.  This One who loves me and couldn't leave me in the pit, but came to get me into the family.  To know this love.  To experience His awesome delight in me.  That He would sacrifice it all that i might share in this love so deliberate, so determined, to get me.  For me to receive His love and His grace for me.  Beyond comprehension, beyond my knowledge my understanding.  So astounding.  So majestic.  My mind cannot comprehend.  His greatness and His power but humility to seek me.  To serve me.  To live in me this holy one of Israel. The King of the universe.  Of all universe.  The King of all Kings.  The beginning and the end.  To love me. To lay His life down for me. To sacrifice all for me.

Oh that I know this grace, this joy and peace beyond understanding.  This intimacy within the Trinity.  That no matter what my circumstances I trust His hand and His love for me.  That He is my Father and I am His child.  His ways are perfect and holy and just.  His mercy is mine.  Love so amazing, grace so divine.  He is my life, my God, my all.  I offer a sweet sacrifice of praise to the holy One.  The Only One who is the One true God.