Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have been so excited. My friend and I headed for the moutains today. I couldn't wait to see the color. We stopped for a meat and 3 lunch on the way. Then up the mountain we went. Soon there was breath taking color. Then we approached the road to the waterfall. We were going to kinda kill two birds with one stone kinda thing. We turn off to the right onto this long dirt gravel road. Seemed like we went forever. We passed workers on the road on the way. Then we turned into the parking lot. There were about 4 cars. It also was a camping ground. There was a trail we were pointed to by the map but it was not very defined. We concluded that was the way to the waterfall. I had a check in my spirit. Where are all the people. Why is this way not a clear path. I went anyway.
We. began our mile hike up the hill, across the creek, and down and up again and across. Over roots, very narrow paths, finally wet and slippery ground. It seemed like we went forever. If it had not been for my friend I would have turned back. I thought anything could happen here and no one would know. Lord you are with me. Help me see your beauty. We did see beautiful falls of water along the way. I kept thinking this is it. Then we approached the water fall itself. 70 ft. high. I heard it. I saw it from a distance. But there were trees and limbs in the way. Sharp and slippery rock that led onward.
My husband would kill me were my words to myself. There is nothing safe about here. I am not going any closer. My friend with great courage pressed forward to get her view and the pictures we came for. I though no picture is worth a broken leg out in this wildness. I am done.
As I stopped and my friend preceded I had no regret. I held fast to the land beneath my feet. I wiped my brow and rested on the tree beneath me. I cannot wait to see her pictures. I could see between the trees it was so enormous. It was so mighty and forceful. I just stopped and prayed. Lord I don't' have to have a picture. I wish I was willing to risk going further but it is enough just to be with you. Here in this place. If I am not having faith. Please forgive me. But for now dear Lord just please get me back to that parking lot. lol.
I remarked to my friend I just wanted to see the color. The leaves. I was so tired and so was she. She said their is a scenic view just 10 miles ahead.  Driving there and back and taking pictures should not take us more than 45 min.  She said I think you need to go on. I thought I don't know how much longer I can go. But yes you are right. We came out of the gravel road, turned left, went around a corner and there was the most beautiful sight. A pull off and a few that took my breath away.  It was the colors.  Deep and rich and glorious.   I was so thankful and amazed. This is what I had come for.  To see His glory in the trees.  God was so good to give it to me so I could give it to you.
My point is He knew I was afraid. He knew I was seeking His glory in His creation. And He gave it to me. I am overcome. It was one of those most memorable days. I was in the presence of my friend and of God. What could be better?