Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm Alive

I am so excited about life!  No my circumstances haven't change a lot, but some.  I am excited about what the Spirit has been teaching me today.  I am excited about Christ life in me.  There are old truths of scripture that I have heard for 20 years and they have come alive today through the eyes of my heart.  Christ is living in and through me and I am to live this life by the faith of Jesus who died for me.  It is not a bunch of rules we must keep. It is not trying hard to be good and please God.   It is a personal, vibrant, receiving, guiding relationship with the Father, Son and Spirit. It is trusting and leaning into Christ.  This is not new to me.

But I see to have guilt, shame, condemnation, fear, anxiety, depression, judgement, anger and unforgiveness is to separate myself from faith in what Christ did for me at the cross. The gifts the Father gave me through Christ. I must repent when this happens.  My faith may fail but His faith will never fail. Remember Peter denying Christ three times after spending three years walking with Him.  Being taught by Him.   His truth will never change.  I am valued, loved, accepted, forgiven, righteousness and have faith in God's provision and protection and control over the people and circumstances of my life.  I can trust Him.

I can love Him and reciprocate with the love He has given me.  I can have faith and reciprocate with the faith He has given me.  It is all things in and through Him.  It is a Spiritual dance between Father and Son.  It is a mystical, reciprocating dance.  And they have brought us in.  Paraphrased from my friend Chris.  It is an invitation into more joy, more peace, more love than we can comprehend.

You may say...well He is not teaching me.  I don't feel His presence or His arms around me.  I pray and pray.  I feel nothing.  I hear nothing.  I see no answers to prayer.

I think God by His word wants me to tell you don't give up.  It is the darkest before the dawn.  Remember in the dark what you knew in the light.  Keep the faith.  Be persistent.  Draw from Him strength like you have never done before.  From deep with in you.  It is there.  Repent of your unbelief.  Tell Him you believe help your unbelief.  He that has named the stars cares for and about you.

Lastly sit in His presence.  He is a good Father and He longs to just sit and love you.  Talk to Him if you will.  But just quiet your mind and heart of all voices but His.  Let Jesus love you.  You are His bride.  We are His body.  He lives and breathes and moves in and through you.  You are His righteousness.  You can give up the struggle.  You can rest.  Rest in the gift of your Father, His one and only Son to now make you a son of God.

Galatins 2:20  Go to and type in the verse and then the translation is the Message.  Hope it blesses you.