Saturday, October 13, 2012

Arise Again

This grace thing has griped my heart and resonated with my soul.  I am not this awful vile sinner who seeks his own way.  I am a new creation in Christ.  I have a new heart. And that is what I live out of by faith.   I am identified with Him. I believe I am who He says I am and I have what He says I have.   I no longer live but Christ lives in me.  I know I am valued and loved and delighted in and me in Him.  I love God.  I want to serve Him and please Him. I do that by trusting Him.  I don't want to go my own way.  It is painful and hard sometimes but I trust Him with my life and the life of my family.  He made covenant promises to me and I count on them and believe them.  He gives me faith to carry on and love to love abundantly and live a life that I have never known before.  It is union and fellowship with the Father and Son through the Spirit. It is receiving and giving HIs love to me.   I yield and surrender my will to His will with delight because I trust and love Him.  I hate idols.  I run to Him.  He has torn down my idols.  I love Him with my whole heart and soul.  Does He perform miracles because I observer the law or because I have believed He is who He says He is.  It is faith and trust in Him. It is not even my faith.  It is His faith for me.  He is the faithful one.  My faith my fail and it will but His will never fail for me.  He loves me and died for me.  I am secure in Him.  Nothing can separate me from His love.  He will never forsake me or leave me no matter what I do.  THe power of the gospel I know because of identifying in the sufferings of Christ and I know Him and the power of His resurrection.  It is no longer I who live but is Christ living in me.  I repent because He is forever changing and teaching me new truths. I delight in following Him.  My conscience stays clear because I am forgiven past, present and future. Christ said it is finished.  THe price was paid.   Only then can I follow the leading of the Spirit.  Can I hear that still small voice.  Turn this way and that.  I lose myself in my love for HIm.  I am no longer introverted.  I am Christ centered.  I chose not to live out of the old flesh but out of the Spirit and my new heart and mind that is Christ living and breathing through me.  TO love Him and others. I don't believe I have to repent for fresh faith and power.  I know no scripture that says that. I think God gives me faith.  I love because He first loved me. But I am healed by His stripes.  I have power because the same Spirit that raised CHrist from the dead lives in me.  By the way I am no longer weak.  His strength is made perfect in my weakness.  I am strong.  I am not  living the defeated life any longer.  I want to change the name of my blog from desperate delight to something else.  I am no longer desperate.  I am a child of the King who was sought after and bought with a price.  I am forever His.