Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do I listen?

People need to be valued. They are valued by God but our role in love relationships with them. It is a give and take a take and give...a dance.
Do you listen? Do I listen? I am asking myself.
Or am I thinking about what I have to go do. Do you just wish they would hurry up and finish their story, you are busy. Too busy to listen right now. I will come back to them tomorrow. Surely this ca
n wait.
Or are you thinking? OMG what a mess they are in. What am I going to say to them. I can't listen to this I have no answers. So worried about what you are going to say you don't listen to what they are saying.
Maybe you are thinking. I can't listen to this. It is too painful for me. I just can't feel this pain right now. I have enough problems of my own. What do I do with all this pain...theirs and mine.
Jesus stopped what He was doing and He listened. He felt their pain on the cross. He has compassion. He catches our tears in a bottle. He is our comfort. He knows the Father gives Him the answers. He gives them Jesus. He is the answer.
Each individual story has a unique way to Jesus. To the love of the Father. That is where we come in. To partner with the Spirit in showing them the way. He promises to make the way straight. He levels the mountains and raises the seas. He is the way, the truth and the life. He is the way to true love and relationship with the Father.
Don't be afraid to love. It is the most wonderful thing God does for us is give us His love in His Son. You can't keep it. Give it away.