Sunday, October 7, 2012

Run Don't Walk

Run Don't Walk...

In this marathon with God, He has been teaching me to run by Faith. I have felt like Forest Gump, when his enemies were chasing him. He was trying to walk fast. Then Jenny yelled out as God does to us, "run Forest run". He began this awkward run because of his leg braces. Then they broke lose. They fell to the ground. He looked down once or twice. Then He ran and ran and ran.


No matter what our physical limitations maybe, God wants to teach us to walk by faith. To run by faith. And to rest by faith. He moves into our world. Tares down our walls of protection from pain and the world. He reveals His love for us in our inner most being. We begin to feel we have value. Our past, the cry of our soul, is healed. We are humbled and we learn to receive all our heart has longed for He gives us.

So this love has to go somewhere. We cannot contain it.  It is like you pouring into a glass and keep pouring and pouring and pouring.  It overflows.  So we begin to love in new fearful, exciting, and wonderful ways. Ways we have never loved before not only those who are like us but those oh so different.

Because of His faithfulness to set us free we begin to trust Him. Not just in the big things in our life. But the everyday, moment by moment, happenings, relationships and circumstances that enter into our unpredictable world. We move from our comfortable little lives, to a world full of life, love, excitement and yes, even failure at times.

But we take the falls, the times we fail, seriously.  But ourselves lightly. We repent quickly. Our conscience is kept clear because of the forgiveness of the cross on our past, present and future failings. It all has been dealt with in Christ.

We realize this God, who loves us, does not just live among us but He lives in and through us. We become more of who we truly are. We are united with Him and nothing can ever separate us.

The Father sent His Son to come get us to join the party. It is for the family. For the bride of Christ, we the church. We thought it was after we died but actually the celebrations start now. In this life. It is a Spiritual, magical, intimate relationship, abundant, rich and full, with the Father and Son. We are the reason He endured the cross. We are the joy that was set before Him.  And oh what joy it is...