Friday, August 23, 2013

Teach Me About God

I had a friend, whom I love, said last nite, I want you to teach me about God.  So dear friend this is dedicated to you.  Of course no one knows all there is to know about God.  If we all who love to write about God waited til we knew it all or were all right we would never write.  We all are growing in the knowledge of God and will be throughout eternity and never tip the iceberg of who is God.

He has given us some truths though that we can understand, even some mysteries, revealed to us by His Spirit and His Word of God, through Jesus, the Word, scripture.  Jesus is the Word.  He became flesh.  He dwelt among us.  He came to bring us into relationship with the Father and to teach us, show us who He is.  This study is the study of theology.  I use to love theology before I got sick.  Now that I am well, my mind is healthy, I still love theology, the study of God.

I want to pretent, imagine, we are on a walk at our farm.  I want to talk to you about God, just a few things.  Who you are, who He is and His love for you.  You are a sinner who is saved by Gods unbelievable merciful grace.  He set His eyes on you before time and gave you to HIs Son.  His SOn, the plan, was for Jesus to come get you.  To live as you life and to die on the cross for your sins so you could come into the family of God through His sacrifice.  The whole bible points us to this King who came to save us.  Jesus completely and fully satisfied our debt to God for our sin.  It was an amazing thing.  Gods justice and mercy eclipse at the cross.

God is perfect, holy and righteous.  He is love. He is so good and is so for you. He will make you like Jesus and will not stop until you see Him face to face and it is complete.  He is everywhere all the time and knows everything that has happened and will happen.  Search Gods word for the character of God.  You will know Him better for it.  He is in control.  He uses it all for His purpose for us to know HIm, for our good.  This glorifies Him.  He has a plan for your life and you can trust Him completely.

  At the cross there was a great exchange.  God took your sin and gave you His righteousness, His perfect life is not just credited to you legally, which it is.  It is yours.  It is imputed into you by His very Spirit that lives in you.  Believe it live out of it.  Your sins are forgiven past, present and future.  You are no more guilty.  The Spirit of God lives in you and wants you to allow Him to live His life through you by faith.  Believe it is so.  He wants you to believe and remember daily Jesus and what He did for you on the cross is enough.  You can not earn His love, make it so or take it away.  It just is because you are His.  He loves you as much as He loves Jesus.  Jesus has a desire that you be with Him where He is.  You are secure.  Nothing can separate you from Him or His love.

This is only a devotional so I want to close.  In your suffering He is with you.  He never leaves you.  He is in complete control and wants you to come to Him in the midst of the storm and trust Him.  You will know HIm in a way that would never be possible apart from this.  Ask Him to meet all your needs and your longings and receive His love for you.  You are complete in Him.  We are broken people and we are going to struggle but Jesus died for strugglers.  Go to Him tonight and rest well my friend.