Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hearing Gods Voice

A few months ago I spoke to some women on hearing Gods voice.  I want to share some of the things I shared with them.  I by no means have exhausted this topic but am learning still after many years of exploring some of the ways God relates to us.  You might say it is being Spirit led by faith.  Or Christ living through you.  These all have in common that God is a relational God and He goes to great lengths to have a personal, individual, unique relationship with each of us, His children.  We are told in scripture that His sheep hear His voice and know it.  We are given the wisdom and discernment to know the voice of God.  It does take practice and a humility of giving up your will for His will and a desire to follow Him.  God speaks to our heart and mind through the Spirit of God.  Word in the New Testament means both spoken words.  One meaning is rhema-hearing the voice and sensing the Spirit by which the words are spoken.  The second meaning is Logos which is the recorded words which have been spoken.  Jesus Christ is also called Logos, the Word of God, the bible. This is one of the main ways God speaks to us.  Not only when we read it but His Spirit will write His laws on our heart.  The Law of Love.   God wants us all to hear His voice and we have when we responded to His call to our hearts to salvation.  That was the voice of God.

There are hindrances to hearing Gods voice.  One is a noisy mind.  We have to learn to quiet our minds.  To be able to distinguish where our thoughts are coming from.  This takes practice.  Fear can occupy our mind.  We bring the truths of God against these.  We are told to renew our mind.  Think on these things of God.  A noisy conscience can occupy our mind.  We have to be able to discern when we are being convicted and led to repentance or when we just have a false guilt.  Maybe due to circumstances we have endured in our life.  Repentance is a gift from God.  We hear Him show us we are going in our own direction instead of following Him. He searches our hearts and tells us our ways.  We cannot know our own heart.  Satan will send thoughts to our mind.  We are feed thoughts by the world and the flesh all day long if our mind is not occupied and consumed by God.  It is a battle field the min.. A overly sensitive conscience or a hard conscience is not of God.   God will never lead you opposite to scripture says Kay Arthur.  If you are hearing voices or thoughts that do contradict scripture it is not of God.  Pride, trying to be our own god or live life on our own can hinder us also.  Independent living.

God wants to direct our path. To guide us.  To live through us.  He is interested in even the smallest details of our life.  He knows the number of hairs on our head.  He wants us to believe in Him and trust Him with our whole heart.   He will tell us to this way or that way.  He wants to teach us and impart wisdom to us.  A great study on hearing Gods voice is Experiencing God.  He mentions God may do this through prayer, which is not just speaking but listening.  He may do this through others.  He may do this through circumstances.  Has He ever put on your heart a way to serve someone in deed or say something encouraging to someone.  To go into ministry?  Just how to live day to day in loving others and Him.  This is Jesus loving others through you.  He is speaking these things to your heart.

God wants to reveal Himself to us.  One way He does this is through His creation.  The Psalms speaks of creation revealing God to us.  If you have ever looked at a peace of art, read a book, a poem, heard a song or a movie maybe these things reveal something about the person who did it but it also can reveal Gods love as His gifts are displayed through the believer and unbeliever.  Have you ever been on a walk and just began worshiping?  This is the Spirit leading you and drawing you worship.  God seeks those who worship Him.  Creation is examples of Gods teaching throughout the bible.  He gives us constant reminders of His ways through a tree, a stream, river, stars, rainbow on and on.

Do you keep a journal, speak, give sermons, teach?  Are these things born out of your time with the Lord?  It is Him giving these words to you.  He says do not worry about what to say like to Moses. He will give them to you.   His Spirit is our teacher, counselor, healer, shepherd.  In doing these things and more He speaks to our heart and mind.  He gives us faith through hearing, hope and love are gifts to us. He assures us by His Spirit that we are His.  He reminds us of His promises and love for us.  Of His Son and who He is.  The Spirit does not do on His own but what the Father tells Him.

These are just a few thoughts on living by faith, being led by the Spirit or hearing Gods voice, Jesus living through you.  Learn to be sensitive to His Spirit.  To listen for His voice throughout your day.  Rejoice that He would go to such great links to love us and commune with us.  The way He relates to you will be special.  You are special to Him.  He wants to use you for His glory.  He wants to do good to you.  As we do what He ask us to do by trusting Him and enjoy Him the more we will hear His voice.  Find a quiet place, be still, listen for the whisper to your heart that He loves you.  Meditate on His words day and night.