Monday, August 12, 2013

Clear Conscience

It is a lot of reading but if you can today read Romans 14.  It is packed full of nuggets that will set your heart and conscience free.

This is my precious granddaughter.  She is free as a bird.
Years ago I belonged to a church where most of the women homed schooled.  They wore long blue jean skirts and jumpers of blue jean.  We were high on theology.  We were called the frozen chosen.  Lots of knowledge but not a lot of freedom.  We formed a group called the freedom fighters.  We worked in our relationships to set each other free.  To give each other Christ and the gospel instead of the law.  We all were struggling with legalism at the time.  I love that church and those people there.  I am one of them but these are the facts.  Since this time a lot of radical grace people have moved in and God is using them to give others and me freedom.

One Sunday morning a new couple came to church.  They were from Ireland.  The beautiful wife, with long pretty legs had on short shorts.  There were rumblings in the church about this dress and was it appropriate for Gods house.

The next Sunday our beautiful, young pastors wife came into the worship service with short shorts.  There was no more talk about what people wore anymore in the church.  People were ashamed and repented of their self righteousness and pride and lack of love for people.  We all learned to love people and not care what they were wearing but give them Jesus.

This same pastors wife did not smoke but she would regularly go next door to her neighbors and sit on her front porch and have a smoke with the woman.  She would always tell her the about the freedom of the gospel for her and about the love of Christ.

I am not saying we should sin.  What I am saying is how do we love people.  Are we free to become like they are.  Jesus became like us without sin.  We are to set the captives free not pile condemnation on them.  We cannot do this if we are not free ourselves.  We need the freedom of a little child.