Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ring of Honor

A friend and I were talking about the award my husband will get Saturday in front of 83,000 people.  He was an extremely successful college football coach.  He, his team, his staff and the fans won the only National Championship this university has ever known.  His name will be unveiled at the stadium and he will be honored.  It will be there as long as the stadium is for all to remember the victory of the 1981 National Championship Team.

As my friend and I began to talk about 30 years ago I began to reminisce.  How things were back then. I shared with her the thrill of my husband being the youngest, still, head coach to win a National Championship and what that meant to us as a family.  We talked about our travels all over the world.  His wins against the very best of the best college football coaches.  Then I talked to her about one of the greatest rewards I was able to experience because of this team and their staffs accomplishments.  She said that is what you need to share with your grandchildren.

Because of these peoples accomplishments our team, and others were invited to the oval office to meet with the President of the United States, then Ronald Reagan.  I remember going shopping for the occasion.  I bought a $300 suede red dress 30 years ago.  That was more than I could imagine.  It was a once in a life time opportunity and I had to look my best.

We approached the White House and had a tour.  History before our very eyes.  The things I had learned all my life as a teenager and even child were alive and I was in awe.  So were the players.  I remember how nice they looked.  They were all dressed in suits and many didn't have the money to buy them.  It was a sacrifice for their families.  We had lunch in the White House dinning room.  There were senators, others even though it was intimate, our Athletic Director, Senator Thurman and Nancy.   I wondered if I remembered my manners there were so many forks and so many glasses.  I remember meeting the designer of the clothes of Nancy Reagan.  She was flamboyant, sophisticated and it was evident creative by her appearance and the clothes she wore. I still remember.  She had on a purple dress and a purple wide brim hat.  I tried to be a lady.  My husband was very much himself.  He always has been no matter whose company he was in.

Then it was time to meet the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.  We all lined up and went through security.  Even the football we were presenting the President with of the signatures of the National Championship Team representing their victory, defeating the best of the best.   As we walked through the hall to the oval office I was imagining what it would be like.  What he would be like.  We entered the room and there he was waiting on us, or not lol.  He was at his desk and came over to us.  As we lined up to meet him for some reason I was right next to him.  He was about my height.  I always thought he was a very tall man in the cowboy movies I had seen him in.  He was warm, inviting and receptive.  He genuinely seemed excited to meet and be with us.  As I stood next to him all I could think of was how amazingly perfect he was.  You remember how he wore his hair?  It was perfect.  His suit was perfect.  It was brown.  His shoes were so shined I thought I might see my reflection in them.  I remember his hands and nails.  Only to be perfect also.  As we walked near to him I was overcome.  The room was silenced.  The cameras were going off one by one by many photographers.  All I knew to do was to say Mr President we so appreciate all you are doing for our country and I hugged him.  Don't ask me why.  I hugged the President of the United States of America.  The cameras continued to snap.  The secret service drew near.  I knew I had overstepped my boundaries and I respectfully stepped aside.  We all were introduced and presented him with the National Championship Football. It all seemed worth the sacrifices of the team, staff and their families.   He acted like it was the most wonderful thing he had ever received.  I didn't want our time to end.  It seemed so very short but time had stood still as I was in that room standing by him.  I had looked him in the eye and had seen him for myself face to face.  Not because of anything I had done but because of this wonderful experience shared with me.

Later I received pictures from the White House.  What was funny was none were of me hugging the President.  The other funny thing was I was surprised they weren't in there lol.

I can hardly think through life without thinking of how it relates to my God.  Many say we will be in such fear and awe of Him we will shy away.  Funny I think of hugging His neck when I see Him.  I think of how I will look and what I will wear.  I can imagine being clothed in the beautiful, breath taking righteousness of Christ.  Unlike our team earning our time with the President I will come into the presence of the Almighty, Holy God because of what His Son Jesus did for me on the cross.  I will be stunned by His beauty, by how very perfect He is. Because of the gorgeous robe of the righteousness of Christ I will be clothed with I will enter into His presence with confidence.  I will draw near His side and feel the nail prints on His hands.  The vision of the cross will be before me.  All of heaven will be rejoicing and praising Him.  It will be beauty and glory that will astound all, created creature and Spirit.  Yes I will be in awe.  But He will be so glad to see me I just know it.  How could He not after all He and His Son sacrificed to bring me there, into His presence.  He will put me at ease.  I will present Jesus with a crown that was given to me.  Not because of anything I did but because of what Jesus did for me at the cross.  The things I did believing and trusting in His perfect sacrifice for me.  The things I did in faith in Him and His work.  The things He designed for me to do before the beginning of time. The things He equipped and gave me the strength to do.   I would have the honor and joy of placing the crown at His feet.  I think there will be a huge party celebration.  A wedding feast.  There will be wine and food like I have never experienced or imagined.  The smell and taste of it all will take our breath away.  It will be an unbelievable place filled with things I have always thought of and people I have wondered about.  It will be a glorious worship of our King Jesus.  Of the victory of the cross against death and evil and even ourselves.  There will be people there, Saints, we will be in awe to see and spend time with.  I long for this day.  Especially when things get hard and I don't know what to do.  I imagine myself with Him for all eternity.  That it will all be worth it the glory of Him that will be revealed in us. Being in His presence.

We will never want it to end as we see Him face to face.  This visit will never end, ever.