Monday, August 5, 2013

Ever Enough?

I am a very proud mother and love my children very much.  Bet you do too.  It is not because we in  my family get everything right, we mess up a lot. The bottom like is they get a lot right but even when they don't they are mine and I love them no matter what. We have suffered a lot.  My children have character, they understand people and love them, love the Lord, they are survivors.  God has used their suffering in these ways.

I am especially proud of my son right now.  He is building a career.  He has not chosen it by how much he will make but what he thinks his God given gift is.  He will be working with horses, people, cattle and the land.  He is a horse trainer who gives lessons, competes, raises horses and cattle.  I have seen his career build life lessons to him, God lessons.  He enjoyed God while he is doing the desire of his heart.

Years ago it didn't matter what you did.  People didn't say oh hello, nice to meet you, what do you do?  People were content to care for their families, feed them, and do day to day work.  Women did not feel that they had to work or to stay at home either to be valuable.  Men were not valuable by how successful they were or how much money they made.  They lived life.

I was thinking the other day. My life is on the last half.  I feel I have wasted so much time.  What does God want me to do?   I have this underlying feeling that I need to do something great for God.  It is not a loud voice but just something that comes to my mind often.  I use to do public speaking.  I think I need to speak to groups again or churches or the mentally ill.  I need to work with addicts and battered women.  These are all good things and I do hope to do them but God does not need me to do them.  He does not love me more if I do them.  I am not any more valued or delighted in by God.  God likes me!  He not only loves me but He likes who I am.  I am becoming more of the real me by understanding what Christ did for me on the cross.  My sins are paid in full.  I am forgiven.  I have the righteousness of Christ.  What we do we need to do
with joy and a peace and rest that the work is finished.  The words of Christ it is finished.  It was complete.  There is nothing more needed to bring me to God in relationship with Him and eternal live but trust it is all by grace through faith.  It is undeserved.  It cannot be lost because I do not do enough or greater because I do lots of things.  I am to do what I do out of a passion for the gospel and love for God and others.  This love is not always perfect.  I fail many times in loving people and showing God how much I thank Him but it does not take away or add to the gospel of Jesus.  It is by grace through faith in Jesus.