Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pleasing God

I want to tell you first I am just now working through this so you discover for yourself, read scripture, pray, seek counsel but I am going to talk to you a few seconds on what I think God is showing me tonight on pleasing Him.

I have heard a lot from grace people God is already pleased with you because of Jesus.  This is so true. Jesus work on the cross was complete.  The Father was pleased His Son suffered for our sins and it satisfied His justice for the payment that we owed, death, hell.  So when the Father looks on you He is completely satisfied with you because of Jesus.  He loves you unconditionally.  He has made you His own.  He has chosen you before time and set you apart for His Son, His bride, the church.  Nothing can change that or separate you from Him and His love for you.  You are secure.  He is about a good work in you, making you like His Son, sanctifying you and He will not stop til He has done it.  But as for now you are completely forgiven, righteous, and loved. This is not something that will be one day it is imputed in you, put in you, the goodness and perfect record of God, Jesus.   I believe the Father loved you from the beginning.  He was making a way for us to be in intimate relationship with Him, to know Him and to bring us unto Himself as one.  We cannot earn it, or work for it.  Nothing we can do can make Him love us.  Nothing can stop it.  It just is because we are His, we are set apart.  It is all because of His amazing grace and goodness that you are saved and have relationship with Him, Son and Spirit.

I was thinking I know God is please with me because of what Christ did on my behalf but can I still please Him.  I was thinking of all the ways I thought I might please Him.  Being with Him and enjoying Him.  Receiving His love for me.  Letting Him meet my needs.  Worshiping Him.  Then I remembered the verse with out faith it is impossible to please God.  I have been trying to have this blind faith.  Saying I trust you Lord.  But this faith is trusting that what Jesus did, the Father did in sending His Son, was complete and finished.  Faith without works is dead.  So whatever I do believing that Jesus died on the cross for me and the Father was pleased, makes the Father happy.  He is pleased. He is pleased that I believe and this is a gift.  The fruit of this is what I do.  The evidence of my faith in Jesus. He is pleased because I am walking in faith.  Living my life trusting Him because of Jesus. I believe He enjoys the things I do because I believe the gospel.   Even my suffering, trusting it is for me because my Father is in control and He loves me.  He showed me this in sending His only Son to come and rescue me from sin and myself.  What else could show more love than this.  The suffering of Christ.  So I do what I do believing this and because I love HIm.  I love Him because He first loved me.  That is why He sent His Son.

So I no longer have a blind faith.  Where have I been?  I have been so blind for 40 years.  It is amazing to me how the Lord let the Israelites out of bondage into freedom then into the dessert to learn to trust Him.  I have been thinking about this.  He is teaching me to trust that Jesus was enough.  I can't add anything to it.  But I can please the Father by believing it and stepping out in faith on that basis.  I cannot tell you how astounded I am by this.  I could feel Gods good pleasure.  I knew He was enjoying and delighting in me.  Not only did scripture say it but I knew it in my heart.  I did believe the gospel but I did not make the connection between having faith and trusting because of the gospel.

I pray I have spoken with clear understanding.  That the Lord will speak this wonderful truth to your heart.  That you will learn what pleases God.  Trusting in the finished work of His Son, Jesus and anything you might do believing that.  I am seeking the wisdom of counselors and mentors.  If they tell me this is not right I will let you know asap.  But I want to close in saying it is faith working through love.