Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Too Bad for Too Long

Corrie Ten Boone said there is no pit too deep that God doesn't reach deeper still.  Right now I must believe that.  When the same thing keeps happening over and over and over do you give up?  Is it too hard for God?  What must He be doing in seemingly hopeless situations.  Is it hopeless?  Is it too bad?  Too wrong?  For too long?

My heart breaks as I fight for hope.  I am in a desperate situation with someone.  All my resources are spent.  All my energy is gone.  All my ideas have proven wrong.  I am in complete dependence on God.

Does He leave us to ourselves to despair.  That we see what we are apart from Him.  To bring our heart to an on fire state for Him and His righteousness.  That we are willing to do whatever it takes to change and follow Him.  That He fights not against flesh and blood but spiritual to set us free from our selves and the evil that lurks to destroy us.  I have to remember the battle has been won.  That the victory is a part of history never to be changed.  That it affects us, our lives, our future and is our hope.

God never sleeps nor slumbers.  He never forgets His own nor passes them by.  His children never get beyond His reach.  He never leaves His creation.  Nothing happens to us that does not pass through His fingers of love.