Friday, July 27, 2012

Jesus is enough

Don't you love how when the Spirit is teaching you something it keeps coming us in circumstances, through people and writings.  Today I read a post that in part is so much what God is teaching me I had to pass it on.

The idols of my life have been so strong.  Did I have the power and strength to resist the temptation they promised.  That I would surely die if I did not get comfort, love, strength from them and all the other lies they offered.  It is said our hearts are nest of idols.  But I had particular ones that were very tempting and strong.  I knew all things were possible to those who were in Christ Jesus but did I know how to appropriate the power of God in pulling away from the magnet that so had a hold of me.  All I know is I came to a point I knew I could not do it in and of myself.  I had to cry out to God that I would love Him more than anything this world had to offer.  I saw them as temporal and my relationship and life with God as eternal.

I had to ask myself...if I lost my money, fame, relationship with my children, marriage, my grandchildren and friends would Jesus be enough.  So many times I had returned to the lovers of the world instead of my soul.  But this time Christ would give me the strength in my weakness to walk away.  It kept coming up and I had to keep returning to Christ instead.  Turning from our idols is probably the hardest thing we will ever do because they are so strong.  Even with the grace of God it takes our cooperation in what the Spirit is doing in setting us free.

There comes a point that the flood gates of heaven open up.  That we see that even if everything is gone Jesus will be enough.  He is all we need.  He is the only secure thing that we have in this life.
Everything else vanishes like the lilies of the valley that are here for a season.

You do not even realize you are in the dark until the light begins to shine.  Without the Spirit we are blinded to our own sin.  We justify, blame others and deny the sin that has such a hold on us.

I am so thankful for the grace I have today, right now to say Jesus is enough.  Temptation may come stronger than ever because I am writing of Gods faithfulness.  But I am His and He will not turn His back on me whether I stand or fall.  It is not about me but what God does in our hearts and who He is.

Our chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  He is breaking good leaders to use us in His kingdom plan.  He is getting us into a position to move us into our purpose.  To make us useful in the lives of others.  To be one who brings the good news of Jesus into hopeless lives.  To tell of Him and His love for sinners.  That we are His beloved.