Sunday, July 22, 2012

Helpless to Save Ourselves

I don't know when I have been so full of mixed emotions.  My heart aches for the ones I love.  There is nothing like suffering along side someone you love dearly and being helpless to help.  You are solely dependent on God to intervene.  To rescue, to save to deliver.  To open eyes and hearts that are self absorbed.  Pride keeps a heart from turning to others for help and support.  And appreciating when they do.  Someone can be their worse enemy.  So consumed they cannot receive.  To receive takes humility.  It takes getting your eyes on others and their needs.  Knowing they helpless to save themselves.

Martin Luther says we are caterpillars in a ring of fire.  The only deliverance in from above.

The Israelites were full of grumbling and complaining.  They could not appreciate the deliverance of God from Slavery.  Nor did they see His love for them and His provision for them for every need.  It kept them from entering into the promised land.  I do not want this to be me or the ones I love.