Monday, July 30, 2012

Long distant relationships

The house is empty of the crying and laughter that has filled the house for a month.  All there is left are the remains of my grandchildren being here.  A little building out of legos.  A half glass of chocolate milk in the refrigerator.  A few soda cans.  My sons dog the kids enjoyed playing with so much while they were here.  Chuck, the dog stopped many of tears and arguments.  Funny what the love of an animal can do.

My daughter and her children left today after being with us for a month.  I feel like the wind has been taken out of my sails.  My granddaughter said, "Mem why can't you go with us".  Oh if she only knew how badly I wanted to be with them.  While they were here I saw me in her mother.  Her mother in her good and bad.  My family reminds me of what heaven must be like sinners who are loved beyond imagination.

They all were tired when they left.  Lots of friends and family the last week trying to get in the last visits and fun before they left.  Please pray for them and their safe travel.

Well life will go on.  To the next challenge,  the next event, the next circumstance.  I wonder what tomorrow will hold for us all.  I wonder who they will grow up to be.  What will be the joys and sorrows of their life.  Could I have helped in some way I don't see now.  You want to go past their little faces into their hearts and hear what they are really saying.  What their fears maybe.  How to nurture true beliefs.  Their minds are like little sponges.  Ready to learn and experience life.  They see only the best and ignore the rest but what impact does life have on them?

Will they remember the wrestling of the calf?  The fishing.  The exploring of the farm and beach in years to come?  I pray they grow to enjoy God.  They appreciate His creation.  They learn to express their little hearts to a loving heavenly Father.  They grow to experience their gifts and talents not only for themselves to glorify God but to bless others.

For the months to come it is long distant relationships.  I want to think of ways to help them grow in love and security.  I want to take little opportunities I have missed to let them know how important they are to me and to God.  I want to make a difference because I love them, their mother and God who ultimately loves them more than me.