Saturday, July 14, 2012

Awake from a Dream

Have you ever felt like you just woke up from a dream and you weren't asleep?  I feel like the last year of my life was a dream.  Things happened to me that were bigger than life.  It was like a dream world.  Now I have awakened and I want to know who I am.  What life is all about.  My life.  I need some time.  Time to ponder the things of God.  His purposes.  He allows weird things sometimes to bring about His purposes.  We know His ways are not our ways.  He is all knowing.  He is ever present.  He is in control.  I cannot fathom His awesome power.

I love diving into the mind of God.  Who can know it.  But He does want us to know Him and we will spend all of eternity getting to know Him.  He fascinates me beyond words.  His presence wells up inside me and overcomes me with love.

God lets our hearts loose and exposes its loves and desires.  Then He ask us to give it all up and follow Him.  THe pain of loosing it puts you in the deepest kind of fellowship and relationship with God that you would know no other way.  It is an experience above all human reasoning and imagination.  He is so worth it all.  To Him I give.  Myself I die.  To Him I live.