Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The depression is too frequent and  lasted too long.  It is getting harder and harder to get myself out of the depression.   I made a doctor appointment today.   Use to I needed family and friends to tell me when it was time to go to the doctor  Now I recognize these symptoms more on my own.  I still value others opinions.  Sometimes they can see the symptoms before I can.

I have full confidence in my doctor.  You need that.  He is great with medicine.  It is just a gift he has.  He has put me on a vitamin for the transmitters in the brain.  Also he said I have to make myself take walks each morning.  We will see how this works for the depression.  I go back in two weeks and we will decided what to do from there.  God uses doctors and medicine to make us well and for His glory.  I am waiting  and doing what I need to do, in faith, the cloud will lift.

I appreciate your prayers and I am praying for you.  Our spiritual lives are a part of every area of our lives.  Our relationship with God is not just for Sunday morning.  Morning devotional.  He wants to walk with us through everything.  His Spirit lives in us.  After He was raised from the dead He went to be with the Father and sent His Spirit into our hearts.  So Jesus and the Father are always with us.

Gods richest blessings to you all!!!