Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This morning as I began my day.  I decided to do everything I could to help this depression that veiled my head, go away .  Staying really busy seemed to be what stuck with me.  I would go into town.  Get my hair cut and then off to shop.  That should brightened any girls day.

I had completed the things I wanted to do and was contemplating calling my doctor again.  If anything the depression seemed worse not better.  I had a meeting later.  As much as I wanted to go to the meeting.  I didn't know how I was going to make it.  Maybe my friend couldn't come.  Only to find out it was great with her.  Meeting her was so important to me I committed myself to go.

We were so glad to see each other.  We had plans for the meeting but it didn't go that way.  Instead we comforted and encouraged each other.  With the faithfulness and love of God.  We shared our hearts and found our bond with each other talking about God and His glory in our lives.  He was each of our hope.  We built each other up in the faith.  Promising to pray for the other I found  myself loosing track of the time.  Suddenly I met friend after friend coming in the restaurant where we were meeting.  With kindred Spirits so thrilled to see each one.  We all shared a brokenness and need for our Savior.

As I drove away I looked in the mirror.  I was changed.  I had met, talked and shared about the love of God.  My heart was encouraged. Such joy filled my heart.   I felt no more depression.  The veil that separated me was lifted.  I felt you could see the shine of His glory in my face and theirs.  It was amazing.  We had met with each other and God.  We felt the Spirit in our midst.  We were transformed.