Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love Letter

Psalm 143:8 Let me hear of your unfailing love to me
in the morning
for I am trusting you.
Gods word is not a long list of rules and regulations we try to keep.  It is Gods love letter to us, His people.  When you are struggling as I am now seek His face moment by moment.  The grace and love and peace and comfort you received yesterday isn't good for today.  Grace is for the moment.  It is a living fountain that must be received over and over.  You don't receive grace for tomorrow today.  You  must look to friends and family of God to remind you of the truth. Read His words to you in His love letters, the bible. 
Spend time in His presence letting Him give you the reassurance of His love to you.  Worship Him that He is God.  Repent that you are not.  That He knows what is best.  He can be trusted as your heavenly Father.  See your gratitude and love pour out of you to others.  As he gives you grace and grace through you.  You will be amazed how your lonely heart melts into your Fathers arms for reassure, and care and compassion.  Nothing takes the place of sitting at His feet and listening to His heart for you.  Sensing His presence and resting there.