Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dream the Impossible Dream

Dream the Impossible Dream....

Dream the Impossible Dream

It is a bit of folk wisdom to say no two snow flakes are alike. Wilson A. Bentley photographed snowflakes on a black velvet cloth in the late 19th Century. He photographed approximately 5,000 snowflakes over a 40 year period and no two were alike.

If it is true that no two snowflakes are alike, how much more individual are each of us. Have you ever wondered why I like broccoli and you may not. Why I like traditional, country music, classical also, plays, birds, photography, reading and yet your interest may not be the same at all? Can you fathom a God that has created us each as individuals, individually with our own personal interest, likes and dislikes, longings, desires, personalities not to mention our appearances and social status or lack there of.  Can you fathom how vast our God is?  He created us each so different but yet in His image.  WOW!

Many of us have dreams. Many of us have given those dreams away or you might say, up. We have lost hope in our dreams... that they may never happen. I see dreams as a hope, even a faith if you will. Abraham hoped for a son and he was made the father of the faithful. I want to suggest to you that when our dreams, hopes are enveloped in the promises of God, they are not to be given up on.

Faith looks on the unseen. There is another world, the Spiritual world, and things are going on we can only imagine. But everyday someones dreams are fulfilled. Many in the bible did not see their dreams fulfilled but they came to pass, after their death.

I was talking to a friend about such dreams. She said she had no theological reference but she believed that even in heaven we would be working to fulfill these dreams. You may have a dream of no more conflict or anger, happy family, a ministry, writing a book, a well body or whatever your dream is. These things may happen after your life time or they maybe continued in heaven. Joni Ereckson who is in a wheelchair dreams of dancing in heaven. I want to be a singer and an artist. I love to dance and dance today with my broom, like it is Jesus. One day it will be...

We all long for no more sin, no more tears, no more pain. This is a dream of a perfect life that will be in heaven. I want to appeal to you to not give up your dream. But to work for it with all joy and might and enjoy God in the process. The process is as important as the fulfillment of the dream. I believe each of us, when we allow our hearts to thrive, have a God given dream we are to play a role in this life in fulfilling or hoping for.

Paul had a mission, a dream. It was to spread the gospel. Wherever he was his dream was in focus, whether in prison or free. Pray about it, your dream or getting one if you don't have one or one maybe you have let go of. A childhood dream. See what God wants you to do, who He wants to bring into your life and see just what our God, who creates even the snowflakes to be special, will and can do. So are you special and so is your purpose here on this earth. Think big or think small but think God. He is able to fulfill your dream or dreams if you have many, here on this earth, maybe after you or even into the Heavens...I believe the abundant life God promises us is filled with hope and love and dreams and faith.  It takes faith and trust to have a dream and trust God to do what we cannot.