Friday, February 7, 2014

Feeling like I am in a fog

Hey friends. I have decided to take a break for the weekend. Hope to come back next week rested and renewed. Having some struggles with the medicine change and just can't get rested so I need a mental break. Insurance not wanting to pay.  Needing another preauthorization.

  I feel a little like I am in brain overload.  Like I am in a fog.

The insurance is closed because of weather.  Costing over $100 for 4 days until they open back up, I pray, on Mon.

So enjoy friends, family and the Lord this weekend. Whom ever God brings into your life or what circumstances. Trust Him even with the things you don't understand and when you don't, tell Him so. Ask Him for the faith to trust Him more. He meets us even in our sin of fear, failure, unbelief. He changes our hearts and gives us faith to endure and persevere.

I have a child who is really struggling right now. Their heart is in a good place but their circumstances stink! Would you please pray for her. My heart aches and not anything much I can do to make things better for her so I am trusting God is there with her.

Life is hard sometimes and we can't understand why some things happen that they do but they just do. This daughter use to tell me it is what it is. The question is do we trust Him still. I have learned that God is bigger than my unbelief even. That He is faithful even when we are not. He holds on to us and those we love. He rescues us from the world, the devil and even ourselves. We have to learn to wait sometimes and waiting can be very hard especially if we feel like we have wasted half our life like I have. But to say God even then you were in control and your were using it all for good. You are amazing and I love you and rest in your finished work you have done for me and with me now.

So I will talk to you next week friends. Blessings to all. May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.