Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Fathers Child

A Fathers Child

So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir.

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

Tonight, I went to my son's for dinner.  His finance, Sarah, cooked a wonderful Mexican meal for me, Lee and another couple.  These friends of his, ours, had their little daughter with them.  It was such fun.  She was into everything.  Her dad said, "she is nosey".  I commended well inquisitive huh, lol.  They were watching everything Maezzie did.  We all were.  She was going from one to another to get a love.  Her mom was feeding her and making sure Maezzie didn't get into anything that would hurt her in any way.  Their stories were consumed with Maezzie.  Funny stories.  We all were laughing and enjoying our time with this little one.  They were telling us her habits, her needs and even her weaknesses.  They know her inside and out.  I dare say better than little Maezzie knows herself.  But one thing is for sure, she is well taken care of by all, especially her parents, Ezzie and Nikki.  They spoke even of their discipline of her and how they had given this much thought and concern.  It was not like they had this child and they were just reacting to her, they were responding with much love and care.  Little Maezzie was a product of Ezzie and Nikki's love for one another.  She was cherished and adored.  She is beautiful.

As I have told this story, I want you to take this wonderful picture of Ezzie, as Maezzie's father and put your heavenly Father in his place and you in the child's.  If this wonderful, but human father and mother cares for their daughter in such intentional, intimate manner how much more does your Father in heaven care and adore you?  How He labors over His discipline and training of you.  How He is concerned for your Spiritual nourishment and rest in Him.  How we are a product of His love for Jesus.  It is a little different but the Father wanted children, a family and Jesus wanted a bride, the church, us.  We are a product of that love and determination to experience His love, his security and delight.

So many of us have not had good earthly parents, or Father, in which to picture God, our Father.  But I want you to know your father is not a picture of God as Father, but God is a picture of what your father should be or for that matter what you should be.  Some of us have never known our Father.  The Lord tells us He is our Father, especially to those who have no Father.  He will be a Father to fatherless.  Let Him love you in ways you never received here on earth, precious ways, tender and compassionate ways.  He wants to do that right now for you, I just know it.

I know I failed my children in many ways and they need Gods healing for them to mend their precious hearts.  No one could have tried harder than I did to be a good parent but we learn so much and parenting is all of Grace.  I didn't know that the Father was there to parent with us, me and Danny.  That Jesus could give us His love for them.  That the Spirit could guide us, empower us to do what we could not do.  That I needed to give them my heart.  It is only by Gods grace that my children have turned into the young, great adults they are today and I thank Him.

Sometimes we have to forgive our parents for their screw ups as a parent to us.  Sometimes there is healing that needs to take place, but there are scares.  By His strips we are healed.  Let Him heal you now, but don't despise your need, He may have used, to bring you to dependence and love for Him.  He felt your pain.  He was there with you.  You were not alone.   I believe He will show us His scares when we get to heaven.  He wants us to remember the greatest display of love that has ever happened, the cross.  He wants us to remember the horrendous sacrifice but the beauty in it all because of His love for us.  For God so loved us, He sent His One and Only Son to die, to come and get us to bring us into the family of God.  

Don't despise your need for Grace.  The Spirit wants to lavish it on you.  His love on you.  Thank you Father that you are our Father.  That you are such a great Father and love us more than we can think or imagine.  Your care for us is so unique and beautiful.  Heal the hurt and wounds Dear Mighty God.  Do it now for your glory.  Let us receive and soak in your love as never before.  May we know it in the depths of our hearts today and everyday more and more.  Let us remember Jesus and the scars, evidence of your love for us.  May we live out of that love and your grace.  Let us know you are the perfect parent we have been searching for, in those who just do not or have not given to us, but you do Father.  In the Precious Name of Jesus Amen...

We are not an orphan but a child of the King...Not a slave but a son, daughter.  Happy Valentines Day